Learn about the Stockyards at the Heritage Festival

Archaeology Dig boxes  

  • Youth can dig for artifacts found at the Ogden Union Stockyards.

The Evalogue.Life booth 

  • Saturday, May 12, 2018
  • Doors open at 10 a.m.
  • Union Station (2501 Wall Ave Ogden UT)


FREE and open to the public!

About Heritage Festival

Ogden’s Union Station is home of the Heritage Festival. The Heritage Festival is a community driven, cultural celebration. All booths will be open for 1 day and will be located entirely on the Ogden Union Station property. The Heritage Festival hours are 10am to 7pm on Saturday. Live cultural music and dance performances, food, cultural awareness programs, and hands-on science and art activities, complete the festival experience.  This year’s festival will also feature cultural food and artisans that have been carefully selected to show and sell their handcrafted work.  Artisan demonstrations will be ongoing throughout the day. Over 25 local community organizations partner with the Union Station Museums and Union Station Foundation to produce Heritage Festival and share their culture with the community.

Union Station Museums

In partnership with the Union Station Foundation, Ogden City’s Union Station Museums organizes activities and events which celebrate and present Northern Utah’s diverse cultural heritage through ethnic art and cultural traditions. OUSM strives to provide a platform and venue for local communities to share the richness of Northern Utah’s cultural diversity through performance, craft, and culinary arts. We strive to provide promote public awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the diverse cultural heritage of the area.

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Come learn more about this project at the Evalogue.Life booth Saturday May 12

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