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Western Gateway cold storage 100 years

“History is what grounds you. It makes you excited about what you are doing as a company. It gives you that spunk. It lets you know who you are. We wanted to know the history of our company so it makes us stronger to move forward. That is why we did all this research on our company’s past.” – Becky Bornemeier. Click here to read article

the tech college started in exchange building

“I knew nothing about boilers. I just took my hammer and banged around until the old thing turned on.” – C. Brent Wallis, who had many colorful experiences in the Exchange Building where (what is now) the Ogden-Weber Technical College got its start. Click here to read article.  

Man with a cow in front of a building at the Ogden Union Stockyards. He is wearing a jacket and cap. Image probably about 1930. Special Collections Department, Stewart Library, Weber State University


Makers, not takers, Watch video…

Watch this feature video about a time when most Utah families were producers of food, and a return to production in the Stockyards. Click here

Mike Bachman started in the stockyards

In his spare time he started shoveling manure and selling it for $20 per load. The money was quick and easy and so was the work. As he has thought about it over the years, he always wondered why he didn’t charge them for cleaning out their pens….Click here to read article.